AusDiagnostics develops and manufactures clinically relevant molecular CE-IVD multiplex panels, automated systems to run them, and nucleic acid extraction reagents and kits.

Extraction Reagents

AusDiagnostics offers nucleic acid extraction kits for manual and automated extraction from different sample types. You can select from ready-to-use reagent cassettes for AusDiagnostics Automated Extraction Instruments or kits that include all reagents needed for manual or semi-automated extraction, compatible with various systems in the market.

Tandem-Plex® Panels

AusDiagnostics offers panels for the simultaneous molecular identification of several different targets. The panels utilize patented Tandem-Plex® Technology which enables the simultaneous detection of up to 30 targets from one sample. The different targets of the panel are amplified in their own tubes to prevent competition. Human Diagnostics multiplex tandem PCR (MT-PCR) panels consist of Respiratory Pathogens, Enteric Pathogens, Genital Infections and STI, Critical testing and Drug Resistance, Encephalitis and Meningitis, Herpes, Dermatophytes and Other Fungi, and Genetic Disorders and HPV.



AusDiagnostics robotic liquid handling systems consist of nucleic acid extraction instruments and multiplex PCR devices. With AusDiagnostic´s instruments you can extract nucleic acids from 1 to 96 samples per run depending on the instrument. There are two sizes of MT-PCR systems available. With Highplex you can run up to 24 samples at the time and with Ultraplex 3 you can run up to 96 samples per run. 



Product Manager

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Product Manager