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NEB Restriction Enzymes - 3 for 2 !

NEB is celebrating it´s 50 year journey in Science and offering 3 for 2 on their world renowned restriction enzymes. Order any three restriction enzymes at list price and get the lowest priced for free*

The High-Fidelity (HF®) restriction enzymes are engineered for reduced star activity, rapid digestion (5-15 minutes) and 100% activity in the CutSmart™ Buffer, the same buffer is supplied for almost all of the restriction enzymes.

Use code NEB 3 for 2 when ordering. Offer ends June 30, 2024.

*No other discounts apply

Celebrate NEB´s Gloden Jubilee with us! Read more here

50% Off In Vivo Functional-Grade Monoclonal Antibodies 

  • Ultra low endotoxin levels (≤ 0.5 EU/mg - ≤ 1 EU/mg) for in vivo mouse studies or sensitive in vitro experiments
  • Validated for immune checkpoint blockade cell depletion, ELISA, FC, ICC, IHC, IP, WB
  • Highly pure - no preservatives or carrier proteins, made with sterile PBS
  • Super consistent - cGMP-grade, extensively quality controlled

Promo code BN-HAPPY24 / GeniePromoQ224. Campaign valid until 30 of September, 2024.

List of In Vivo antibodies

OriGene TriLencer-27 siRNA Kits Now 15% Off

The Trilencer-27 siRNA kits have Dicer-Substrate duplexes, offering two significant enhancements compared to conventional 21mer siRNA designs. Leveraging the natural processing by Dicer, these duplexes exhibit a 10-fold increase in potency and specificity compared to shorter 21-mer siRNA designs. Additionally, the 27-mer duplexes can bypass the mammalian interferon response when expressed in mammalian cells, leading to robust and specific gene silencing.

Each siRNA comes as a kit and includes the following:

  • Three gene specific siRNAs : siRNA (A), siRNA (B) and siRNA (C) (2 nmol each)
  • Trilencer-27 (2 nmol), a universal scrambled negative Control siRNA Duplex
  • 2 ml of RNAse free siRNA duplex resuspension buffer
  • Genome wide coverage against human, mouse and rat genes
  • Quaranteed gene knockdown (70 %)

Valid with promo code BN-HAPPY24 until 31 May, 2024.

Introducing VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Kit - Trial Offer 20% Off

The VectaPlex™ Kit enables re-staining of individual tissue sectios without damage to tissue.

  • Simplifies sample processing for manual immunofluorescence or tyramide workflows with FFPE sections
  • Allows antibody removal at room temperature without degrading tissues or reducing target availability (antigenicity) even after multiple rounds of staining and removal (at least 6 rounds)
  • Accelerates multiplex assay optimization
  • Preserves precious samples
  • Ready-to-Use kit for 125 reactions, for all species (VRK-1000)

Trial offer 20% off! Valid with promo code BN-HAPPY24 until 31 May, 2024.


NEW Supplier - SpotSee!

What if you could track your shipment’s temperature, humidity and environmental conditions simply by adding a small and affordable sticker on the product?

Now you can!

With SpotSee temperature monitoring and cold chain solutions, including:

  • ColdMark
  • WarmMark
  • FreezeSafe
  • ColdChain Complete

More about SpotSee

Introducing SignalStar™ Multiplex IHC kit from Cell Signaling Technology

SignalStar™ Multiplex IHC is the newest tool for spatial biology from Cell Signaling Technology for the study and identification of different cell types, their location and function in FFPE tissue samples.

Flexible Panel Design

SignalStar Multiplex IHC eliminates the time needed for optimization. Ready-to-go panels let you amplify up to 8 targets in FFPE tissue samples in just 2 days. SignalStar antibodies and fluorophores are interchangeable across panels, giving you the flexibility to change targets within panels anytime.

Results up to 70% Faster

SignalStar technology is up to 70% faster from sample to imaging than other mIHC methods. Customized panels are created online in an IHC Panel Builder tool that shows all available designs. 

Plex Your Way

Define your plex, run the easy-to-use manual or BOND RX protocols, then image and analyze using your existing fluorescent microscope/scanner and software.

Flexible, Ready-to-Use Panels

SignalStar technology stains consistently regardless of the panel you design in the panel builder, and panels are ready to use with optimized protocols.

Local Support

Contact Katja-Riikka for help with assay design at

More about Cell Signaling Technology


Introducing GA International

GA International manufactures labels and tapes and other solutions for research laboratories and medical facilities, as well as biotech and biopharmaceutical industries.

They offer printable and writable labeling solutions for vials, microtubes, microplates, cell culture plates, freezer boxes, and laboratory containers. Also available are permanent ink markers, and cryogenic markers.

GA International LabTAG portfolio includes:

  • Cryogenic labels and tapes for temperatures from -20 C to -196 C (liquid and vapor phase of liquid nitrogen), also for frozen surfaces
  • Heat-resistant labels for use in water baths and incubators, as well as in heat inactivation and sterilization processes that use high temperature and pressure
  • Autoclave-resistant labels for stainless steel and aluminum, glass, and polypropylene plastic
  • Chemical and solvent-resistant labels for use with, for example, DMSO, xylene, and formalin
  • Labels for every step of immunohistology workflow, including labels for microscope slides and tissue cassettes

Contact us for any label need, we are always happy to help you find the best label options for your application!

More about GA International

NEB´s Luna Universal (RT)-qPCR products now 16% off

Unrivaled performance for all your (RT)-qPCR needs!

Luna (RT)-qPCR products offer best-in-class performance and robustness, and are available for intercalating dye or probe-based detection methods. They are compatible with all leading qPCR cyclers, incl. ROX/dye-dependent machines. 

LunaScript RTase is a unique designer enzyme and allows for a fast (13 min) and robust performance in RT-qPCR settings.

It is available as LunaScript Super Mix or Super Mix Kit (#M3010/#E3010) - your preferred choice in two-step workflows - or readily “built-in” as part of the Luna OneStep RT-qPCR Kits. 

All Luna PCR and qPCR kits are now on offer 16% off!

Valid with promo code BN-HAPPY24 until 31 May, 2024


New RNA and DNA Library Prep Kits-
NEBNext UltraExpress™

Sometimes speed is required to set you apart from the pack. The NEBNext UltraExpress DNA, DNA FS and RNA Library Prep Kits incorporate master mix reagents, reduced incubation times and have fewer cleanup steps.

With a single protocol for all inputs (using the same adaptor concentration and PCR cycle number), you save even more time by elimination of end-user optimization and reduce consumables used.

Advantages include:

  • Fast workflow: 3 hours for RNA prep and <2 hours for DNA prep
  • High-quality libraries from a broad input range: 25-250 ng or total RNA or 10-200 ng DNA

Choose from the following options:

  • NEBNext UltraExpress DNA Library Prep workflow
  • NEBNext UltraExpress FS DNA Library Prep workflow
  • NEBNext UltraExpress RNA Library Prep workflow

Ask for a free sample!

NEB´s Free Starter Pack

Start your career off on the right path and get your free NEB Starter Pack! The pack is available to all research students, PostDocs and everyone who is starting their career or a new project in Molecular Biology.

The Starter Pack includes:

  • NEB Catalog & Restriction Enzyme poster
  • Technical Guides, brochures and informative posters
  • 20% discount voucher and access to many free samples
  • Calendar and NEB Goodies

Request you pack at

Offer available while stocks last or until January 31, 2024.

NEB´s New Catalog 2023-2024

Find the latest information on NEB products, including recommendations for which product will work best for your application. Take a look at the popular technical reference section, which includes extensive information on maximizing product performance, technical tips, troubleshooting guides and much more.

Request your copy from or click here to read online