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Use offer code BN-SUMMER24 when ordering. Campaigns are valid until 31 August, 2024.

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Buy Two CST Primary Antibodies - Get Free Trial-size

Looking to try new targets for your research? Buy two or more Cell Signaling Technology primary antibodies and get a trial-size antibody for free*.

Use code EUB2GT24 when ordering. Offer ends August 31, 2024.

*Trial size (T- 20µl). Offer applies to the purchase of two (2) or more primary antibodies, of small (S- 100μl) or large (L- 300μl/400μl) size purchased in the same order. All other products/services including but not limited to PTMScan® Services, Antibody Duets, kits, "BSA and Azide Free" antibodies, SignalStar™ Multiplex IHC products, and custom orders are excluded. No other discounts apply.

Vectashield Mounting Medium - Buy 2, Get 15% off

Vectashield Antifade Mounting Medium offers protection against fading and photobleaching, and provides excellent signal retention for images in immunofluorescence applications.


  • inhibits photobleaching of most fluorophores, fluorescent proteins, and stains
  • ideal refractive index
  • ready-to-use, no warming necessary
  • with or without nuclear or cytoskeletal counterstain
  • hardening and non-hardening formulations


Buy two Vectashield Mounting Media and get 15% off price.

Use code BN-SUMMER when ordering, offer ends 31 August, 2024



High Quality BioNordika Agarose 295 €

The BioNordika Standard LE agarose is ideal for routine separation of nucleic acid fragments. It is formulated to give strong gel structure with low background and sharp resolution. The agarose is DNase and RNase free.

Standard Agarose type LE, 500 g (BN-50004)

Use code BN-SUMMER when ordering, offer ends 31 August, 2024.

Be Competent with NEB Competent Cells - Now 16 % off

Choose the right competent cells from New England Biolabs and feel competent all summer! NEB competent cells are ready-to-use, the perfect choice for your cloning and expression needs.


  • high transformation efficiencies
  • compatible with NEBuilder® HiFi and Gibson® Assemblies, and ligation reactions
  • T1 phage resistant, and free of animal products
  • outgrowth medium and control plasmids included
  • several formats available
  • no dry ice charges for shipping


Use code BN-SUMMER when ordering, offer ends 31 August, 202


50% Off 3D Organoid Cell Viability Assay

  • quantify viable cells directly in 2D& 3D Organoid models
  • 3D organoid validated - tested with apical-out airway organoids& neuronal organoids
  • 1-Step, no wash assay
  • low cytotoxicity profile (compared to MTS, MTT, or PrestoBlue)


Use code BN-SUMMER when ordering, offer ends 30 September, 2024.


New RNA and DNA Library Prep Kits-
NEBNext UltraExpress™

Sometimes speed is required to set you apart from the pack. The NEBNext UltraExpress DNA, DNA FS and RNA Library Prep Kits incorporate master mix reagents, reduced incubation times and have fewer cleanup steps.

With a single protocol for all inputs (using the same adaptor concentration and PCR cycle number), you save even more time by elimination of end-user optimization and reduce consumables used.

Advantages include:

  • Fast workflow: 3 hours for RNA prep and <2 hours for DNA prep
  • High-quality libraries from a broad input range: 25-250 ng or total RNA or 10-200 ng DNA

Choose from the following options:

  • NEBNext UltraExpress DNA Library Prep workflow
  • NEBNext UltraExpress FS DNA Library Prep workflow
  • NEBNext UltraExpress RNA Library Prep workflow


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