GA International

GA International manufactures labels and tapes and other solutions for research laboratories and medical facilities, as well as biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries.

They offer printable and writable labeling solutions for vials, microtubes, microplates, cell culture plates, freezer boxes, and laboratory containers. Also available are permanent ink markers, and cryogenic markers.

GA International LabTAG portfolio includes:

  • Cryogenic labels and tapes for temperatures from -20 C to -196 C (liquid and vapor phase of liquid nitrogen), also for frozen surfaces
  • Heat-resistant labels for use in water baths and incubators, as well as in heat inactivation and sterilization processes that use high temperature and pressure
  • Autoclave-resistant labels for stainless steel and aluminum, glass, and polypropylene plastic
  • Chemical and solvent-resistant labels for use with, for example, DMSO, xylene, and formalin
  • Labels for every step of immunohistology workflow, including labels for microscope slides and tissue cassettes

Contact us for any label need, we are always happy to help you find the best label options for your application!

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Product Specialist