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Greiner Bio-One is one of the leading experts in the production of high-quality plastic consumables and other laboratory products for universities and research laboratories, hospitals and medical facilities, as well as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Their BioScience department in Germany excels in the development of products for cell and tissue cultivation and analysis. Greiner Bio-One also provides solutions for cell and sample cryopreservation, including automated biobanking storage systems. They also offer microplates for high-throughput screening for industry and research.

The sterile laboratory plastics are free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA, and endotoxins.

Cell Culture

Greiner´s CELLSTAR® line includes products for cell culture and mass cell culture. Items are flasks, dishes, and multiwell plates in a wide variety of formats and surface modifications for every application and all cell types. Surface options include TC-treated, CELLCOAT® protein coated, cell-repellent, and suspension culture.

EASYStrainer® cell strainers for cell suspension filtration are user-friendly and available in a variety of mesh sizes.

The ThinCert® inserts are ideal for 3D cell culture applications, including transport studies and co-cultures. They are available in six membrane specifications in different multiwell formats.

Magnetic 3D Cell Culture

Greiner´s Magnetic 3D Cell Culture uses NanoShuttle-PL particles that magnetize cells to form spheroids. This can be done by levitation or bioprinting, and the formed spheroids mimick the conditions of natural tissue environment.

Tubes and Cryogenic tubes

Centrifuge tubes and reaction tubes are available in polystyrene (PS) and polypropylene (PP) in a variety of sizes, from 50 ml to 0,5 ml, to PCR tubes and tube strips in the Sapphire product family. For light-sensitive reactions or materials, light protection tubes are available. Also in the portfolio are round bottom tubes, with optional closures.

Greiner´s Cryo.s product line is designed for freezing and storing samples, such as tissues, cells, or fluids, at ultra-low temperatures. Individual tubes are available in different sizes with internal or external thread caps, with options of barcoding. Cryo.s tubes with Datamatrix and linear barcode, and Cryo.s. tubes in rack format are designed for automated biobanking.

Liquid Handling

The Sapphire pipette tips are manufactured from high-quality polypropylene. They are certified free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA, PCR inhibitors and endotoxins. In addition, they are non-cytotoxic, and tested according to ISO 8655-6. The product family consists of filter tips (sterile), standard tips (non-sterile or sterile), and low retention tips (non-sterile or sterile). Sizes vary from 10 µl to 1250 µl. The standard tips and racks are autoclavable. Packaging options are racks with color-coded inserts, convenient refill units, or bulk bags.

The CELLSTAR® serological pipettes for liquid transfer are available in sizes from 1 ml to 50 ml, in individually wrapped plastic or paper/plastic, or in bulk packages. Short versions are available in sizes 5 ml to 10 ml for easy handling in biosafety cabinets.


Greiner has an extensive portfolio of microplates that are suitable for high-throughput screening, as well as for a variety of other biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications. Microplates are available in 96, 384 and 1536 wells, in clear, black, white. Formats include U-, V-, and F-bottom, and half area bottom plates in cell culture treated, untreated, UV-Star®, and µClear® film surface plates. Sterile or non-sterile versions are available. The microplates are free of detectable DNase, RNase and human DNA. The portfolio also has lids, cap mats, and sealers, as well as several polypropylene storage plates.

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