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Labnet International is a leading supplier of benchtop laboratory equipment, such as shakers, rockers, dry baths, water baths, hot plates, and pipettes. Precision and utility, high quality, and reliability are a priority in Labnet International´s equipment portfolio. 

Constant temperature equipment

One of Labnet International´s bestselling product range is the AccuBlock dry baths. The AccuBlock Mini Dry Bath provides fast heating of microtubes, while The AccuBlock Digital Dry Bath offers great versatility in several different block formats, including single, dual and four block. The broad temperature range of ambient +5°C to +150°C makes the Digital Dry Baths useful for several standard laboratory applications.

Labnet International´s Mini Water baths are 6 liter stainless steel chambers compact enough to fit on any laboratory benchtop. A stainless steel gable cover is included to minimize evaporation and offer consistency and convenience.

Also available are hot plate stirrers, hybridization ovens, and incubators, including shaking incubators.

Agitation Equipment

Vortex Mixer VX-200 is a widely used standard vortexer. With continuosly variable speed, it is convenient for a variety of applications, from gentle mixing to the more vigorous action of resuspending pellets. Other vortexes for microplates or other sample containers are also available.

The Pro 30 Reciprocal Shaker provides linear left to right shaking action with a non-slip rubber mat platform, for staining, washing blots and general mixing.

The ProBlot 25 lab rockers have adjustable tilt and agitation speed, with extra large platforms. Single and double non-slip rubber mat platforms are available. Operating temperature of 4°C to 65°C makes the rockers safe to use in cold rooms or incubators.

The Revolver Lab Rotator accepts tubes ranging from 1,5 ml to 50 ml. It has a complete 360 degree rotation and can be set to turn at a specific angle. It is small to fit on a benchtop, and is cold room and incubator compatible.

Other equipment in this portfolio include the Lab Roller and Mini Lab Roller rotators, and the Orbit series for the need of orbital shaking motion.


Other Items

Labnet International also offers a variety of other lab equipment. Laboratory centrifuges, such as the Mini Microcentrifuge, with a changeable rotor for PCR strips, and the MPS 1000 Mini Plate Spinner for two PCR plates or microplates. Others include instruments for electrophoresis and thermal cycling.



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