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Winner of several awards based on scientists nominating and voting laboratory instruments, Logos Biosystems is our partner for automated cell counting, cell imaging and tissue clearing.

Automated Cell Counters

Which cell counter works best for your cells? Choose the Luna-II for brightfield counting and viability stains like Trypan Blue or safe, non-toxic Erythrosin B. The Luna-FL combines both brightfield and fluorescence optics and may also be used for GFP transfection efficiency calculations. The Luna-FX7 is the most powerful cell counter, offering unmatched accuracy and flexibility, and may be used under GMP requirements through a dedicated CountWire software. Automated counting is not limited to eukaryotic cells only. With image-based cell counters, it is possible to count microbes like yeast and bacteria in minutes, without waiting for colonies to grow for days. The Quantom Tx counter can count individual bacterial cells even within clusters.

Cell Imaging

The Celena S is a digital imaging system with advanced multicolor precision fluorescence optics, allowing for high resolution images of publishing quality. The Celena S is the perfect choice for live-cell timelapse imaging and Z-stack imaging. If you need an imaging system for rapid, high-content image acquisition and analysis, you will find the Celena X an outstanding tool. It can accommodate a wide range of fixed-cell and live-cell imaging applications.

Tissue Clearing

Tissue clearing enables non-destructive, 3D imaging of various biological samples, previously impossible visualization of cellular structures in their physiological context, without sectioning. The X-Clarity polymerization and tissue clearing system leaves behind a stable and transparent, optically clear tissue-hydrogel hybrid, which allows for labeling with antibodies prior to imaging. The DeepLabel antibody staining kit was developed to enhance antibody penetration into clarified tissues, which can be cleared with various clearing methods in addition to Clarity.

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