MVE Biological Solutions

MVE has engineered their cryogenic equipment and storage units for ultimate reliability with a maximized hold times at the ultra-low temperatures enabling safe preservation of valuable biological samples. MVE cryogenic equipment are widely used, for example, in medical research facilities and universities, hospitals, medical clinics, and IVF centers.

As one the leading distributors of cryostorage tanks in Finland, we are able to offer MVE storage tanks as well as their functional solutions for liquid nitrogen transportation, LN2-pumps, and tank tipping trolleys (CryoTipper).

Also available through us are cryogenic accessories, such as cryoboxes and racks, storage canes, and protective gear, such as cryo gloves, for safety when working with liquid nitrogen.

Sample Storage Tanks

MVE provides Small Capacity (SC) and Extra Capacity (XC) aluminum tanks for long-term storage of cell vials in canes or semen and embryos in straws. They have a low evaporation rate and conform to MDD 93/42/EEC directive. The SC series is designed for small amounts of samples, with working duration up to 116 days. The XC series is designed for larger amounts of samples, with working duration up to 193 days.

The CryoSystem series has tanks for mid-range vial storage capacity. They are strong, lightweight, and efficient with low liquid nitrogen consumption. Sample vials are stored in cryoboxes placed on racks in the tank.


Protective Shipping Containers

This series has options for safe transportation of many types of biological samples. Samples are maintained at cryogenic (-150°C or colder) temperatures in vapor-phase of liquid nitrogen. The CryoShipper is designed for large capacity vapor shipments, and has the option of a Datalogger accessory and a protective shipping container.

Lab Series

This series provides super insulated dewars for storing and dispensing liquid nitrogen with low evaporation rate. Many units can be fitted with a pouring spout or a pressurized dispensing pump.

Research Dewars

The RD-series of stainless steel dewars have wide mouths for easy handling of liquid nitrogen and samples. The dewars have a convenient carrying handle and optional insulated lid.



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