Thermo Scientific NanoDrop

The NanoDrop Spectrophotometers are optical measuring devices for quick quantification of nucleic acids and protein. Only a single drop of your sample DNA, RNA, or protein is enough for the measurement. The NanoDrop instruments provide accurate results and evaluation of the concentration and purity of your sample.

Choose the instrument that fits the need of your lab from four different options.

The NanoDrop One and OneC

The NanoDrop One is the most popular model, offering full spectrum data. It is compact and features pedestal sampling. It has several useful features, such as camera-assisted bubble recognition and contaminant detection. The NanoDrop One is capable of differentiating between RNA and DNA in the sample, when the other unwanted nucleic acid, has coeluted as a contaminant. It also recognizes some common contaminants such as phenol in RNA or proteins in nucleic acid samples, and can recalculate the corrected concentration. 

The NanoDrop One can be fully operated via the instrument´s touch-screen but can be connected to a pc if required. The OneC model option also allows cuvette sampling.


The NanoDrop Lite Plus

The newest addition to the portfolio is the NanoDrop Lite Plus. It measures set wavelengths of 230, 260, and 280 nm, and calculates concentrations and purity ratios based on these. There is an optional printer deck available, printing directly on cryogenic labels, which fit on 1,5 ml Eppendorf tubes and 2 ml cryotubes and caps. The Lite Plus can be used via a large touchscreen so no pc is required, thus taking up very minimum amount of lab space.

The NanoDrop Eight

If you aim for high throughput and your samples are typically in a 96-well format, the NanoDrop Eight could be for you. It measures 8 samples at a time, and comes with preset programs for dsDNA, RNA, Protein A280, and UV-Vis detection.

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