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New England Biolabs - NEB - is a well-known brand and manufacturer in the field of Life Sciences. Their expansive portfolio of products is a top choice for scientists worldwide. NEB has the largest selection of enzymes for genomic research, and their product line is ever-increasing by products for PCR, gene expression, next generation sequencing, synthetic biology, glycobiology, epigenetics and RNA analysis. NEB is dedicated to developing new technologies that will reach key sectors, including molecular diagnostics development.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

New England Biolabs offers premium products for all steps in the Next Generation Sequencing workflow, from single-cell and cfDNA to PCR-free whole-genome analysis. The NEBNext® Ultra II™ portfolio offers solutions for DNA and RNA sequencing sample prep from various types of samples. They come in user-friendly formats, including kits and modules, and are easy to scale up and automate. Strong product lines from rRNA depletion kits, FFPE DNA repair, methylome analysis without bisulfide treatment, microbiome DNA enrichment to library quantification give users a lot of options to use in their research projects. For the bigger projects bulk and custom options are offered.

The NEBNext reagents are available for sample preparation for Illumina®, Ion Torrent® and Oxford Nanopore Technologies® sequencing platforms.



PCR and qPCR Portfolio

NEB has a long history of developing and manufacturing reliable tools for PCR - they have a polymerase for every one of your PCR needs. They were the first company to sell Taq DNA polymerase, and now offer OneTaq® DNA Polymerase for routine PCR, and for PCR needing high-fidelity NEB has the Q5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase. There are several other polymerase options available in the vast portfolio. For qPCR and RT-qPCR, NEB has developed the Luna® family of reagents which provide strong performance on a wide variety of sample types and targets. The family includes, for example, Luna® Universal qPCR Master Mix, Luna® Universal Probe qPCR Master Mix, and several different Luna® Universal RT-qPCR kits.

Nucleic Acid Purification

The Monarch® nucleic acid purification kits are fast and reliable, producing high-quality RNA and DNA, no matter what your sample material is. They are silica spin column based, and the kit contains all components needed for quality RNA or DNA yield. The kit options are DNA cleanup, DNA gel extraction, genomic DNA extraction and purification, plasmid purification, RNA cleanup, and total RNA extraction and purification.



NEB provides reagents for each step in your cloning workflow, from restriction ezymes, competent cells and vectors to assembly kits, such as the NEBuilder®. The  NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly is a one system kit, saving time, and can be easily adapted to site-directed mutagenesis. Other important enzymes, such as nucleases, phosphatases, kinases and ligases, are available.

Restriction Enzymes

NEB has over 40 years of experience with restriction enzymes, and their portfolio has over 285 to choose from. The reliable products have led to a high number of publications. NEB scientists are impoving and exploring the products constantly, and the newest innovations are around BSA-free buffers. The High-Fidelity (HF®) restriction enzymes are engineered for reduced star activity, rapid digestion (5-15 minutes) and 100% activity in the CutSmart™ Buffer, the same buffer is supplied for almost all of the restriction enzymes.

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