Planer is an industry leader in the field of programmable cryogenic freezers. Planer has been an important part of our cryogenics portfolio for several years. Our comprehensive service coverage makes us the leading distributor of cryogenic equipment in Finland.

Cryogenic Freezers

Planer provides programmable cryogenic controlled rate freezers for, for example, embryo and stem cell freezing. The portfolio consists of freezers that vary in capacity from 1,7 liters, ideal for batches of straws or vials, to 380 liters, perfect for volume blood bag or vaccine cryopreservation. Freezing temperatures go down to -100°C in the bigger models, and to -180°C in the smaller capacity options. 

Benchtop Incubators for IVF

The Planer range of benchtop incubators provide an environment optimised for embryo development and maximise the chances of success. The range includes a variety of products, easy to use and operate with minimal fuss. The incubators have optimal temperature controlled and humidified environment for embryo development with fast recovery. 


Alarms and Monitors

Planer provides several sensors to keep valuable biological samples safe. These samples may be subjected to sudden variations in, for example, temperature and humidity. Immediate notifications allow quick action to these potential changes to allow these samples to be kept safe. ShipsLog3 temperature data logger provides an accurate and downloadable temperature history of your vapour shipper throughout its transit. Planer also offers monitoring and alarm systems to protect employees and visitors from depletion of oxygen levels or hazardous levels of CO2. 

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Product Manager