Radleys is a family-owned company from the Cambridge area in the UK. They are specialists in designing innovative products for chemists. Their portfolio is designed to be safer, cleaner, greener, and more productive. The product range includes instruments for chemical synthesis, process development, evaporation and work up. Radleys instruments allow you to focus on great chemistry!

Parallel Reaction Stations

Radleys has designed their parallel reaction stations for applications like heating, cooling, condensing, work up, evaporation, inerting, filtration, heating, parallel synthesis, polymer research, process development, refluxing and stirring. These flexible stations are compact and space-saving. Running reactions in parallel may lead to improved productivity, while keeping the energy costs down. The Carousel 6 Plus offers parallel chemistry for up to six reactions at the same time - even heating, stirring, and refluxing under an inert atmosphere. The system can be upgraded with a cooling option or the Tornado, powerful overhead stirring for viscous samples. The Carousel 12 Plus and the GreenHouse offer parallel synthesis for 12 or even 24 samples simultaneously. Matching the GreenHouse blowdown evaporator and the Work-Up station will allow processing multiple samples further in the workflow. Both can be used as a stand-alone system too. 

Bechtop and Hotplate Tools

In a typical chemistry lab, a lot of stirring, refluxing, condensing, heating, and cooling is involved. Heat-On blocks are designed to replace oil baths with a safer, cleaner, and faster system to heat and stir flasks or tubes. Cool-It insulated bowls offer the same but for minus degrees. The well-insulated bowls will keep samples below -70°C for a long time. The stirring hotplate Carousel provides powerful stirring and rapid heating in a slim, orange casing. The top plate is coated with chemically resistant Kera-Disk. The air-cooled Findenser replaces water-cooled reflux condensers saving valuable clean water and money, too. An easy way to become more sustainable!

Jacketed Lab Reactors

The innovative and easy to setup and use Reactor-Ready lab reactors offer flexibility. Flex the volume from 100 ml to 35 liters in a minute and choose the optimal stirring option for your project. If you need to control the reaction automatically, achieve precise temperature control and data logging, add the AVA Lab Control Software. A filter version offers both reaction and filtration in a single setup, ideal for crystallization and product isolation. The Reactor-Ready Duo provides two vessels in parallel or in a series. Pilot scale version mimics plant scale reactors and can go up to 35 liters in volume.

Automated Reaction Stations

Running your chemistry reactions unattended, 24/7, is possible with the Mya4 automated reaction stations. The unit provides accurate temperature control and can handle even exothermic reactions safely. The wide range of accessories and four independently controlled zones make the Mya4 an extremely flexible system. Reactions are software controlled and automatically data-logged – a perfect choice for process development and streamlining chemical synthesis.

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