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SpotSee indicators and monitors are designed to spot changes in environmental condition, so that any damages throughout the supply chain can be identified. With SpotSee indicators you can reliably detect even the smallest changes in temperature, shock, tilt, location, humidity, and light sensitivity. This will ensure that your valuable shipment arrives safely and in the correct condition.

Temperature Monitoring

SpotSee has an extensive portfolio of solutions for monitoring temperature during the cold chain. These items include cold chain indicators, temperature/humidity recorders, and thermochromic labels.

  • Easy-to-interpret, accurate visual indicators
  • Single-use, time over temperature monitoring
  • Irreversible evidence of hot and cold temperature exceptions
  • Aids in compliance with regulatory guidelines

Cold Chain Solutions

What if you could track your shipment’s temperature, humidity and
environmental conditions simply by adding a small and affordable sticker
on the product?

Try the ColdChain Complete!



Turns from clear to violet when the temperature goes below a predetermined threshold. Choose the threshold temperature from -3°C, 0°C, 2°C, 5°C or 10°C, accuracy +/-1°C.


ColdChain Complete

Both upper and lower temperature thresholds. Cost-effective, single label format with self-adhesive back. Multiple versions available. Activation required prior to use



Turns from clear to magenta when the temperature falls below its threshold. Cumulative color change relative to exposure time. Product is ready-to-use, and each unit is serialized for traceability.



Turns from clear to red when exposed to high temperatures for too long. Single and several window indicators. Activation required prior to use.


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