SSI Diagnostica

SSI Diagnostica was founded as a division of the renowned Statens Serum Institut and is a leading Nordic manufacturer, distributor and technical service company within in vitro diagnostic products for microbiological laboratories. SSI Diagnostica offers rapid diagnostic tests, antisera, PCR tests, and several other in vitro diagnostic products.

Rapid Diagnostic Tests

SSI Diagnostica´s ImmuView® rapid tests are lateral flow assays with high sensitivity and specificity. All ImmuView® tests give results in just 15 minutes and can be read visually or with the ImmuView® reader which has a build-in LIS/LIMS integration.

ImmuView® S. pneumoniae is a quick and straightforward test for S. pneumoniae from urine and CSF samples.

ImmuView® RSV detects respiratory syncytial virus from a nasal wash or nasopharyngeal swab.

ImmuView® S. pneumoniae and L. pneumophila is a rapid Antigen test able to identify both S. pneumoniae and Legionnaires’ disease from urine samples. Both diseases cause similar symptoms but need different treatments, and with ImmuView® you can detect both diseases at the same time – with just one test.

ImmuView® Legionella pneumophila and Legionella longbeachae is the only Antigen test able to test for two strains of Legionella in one go.


SSI Diagnostica produces antisera of Pneumococcus, Salmonella, Streptococcus and E. coli.

PCR Tests

Dermatophyte and C. albicans Real-Rime PCR kit is a diagnostic kit that detects general dermatophytes (pan-dermatophytes), Trichophyton (T.) rubrum and Candida (C.) albicans in nail, skin, and hair specimens.

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