Vitl Life Science Solutions

Vitl Life Science Solutions designs and manufactures high-end benchtop laboratory equipment for life sciences. Their portfolio includes PCR equipment, temperature control and laboratory mixing equipment, tube luminometers and lab consumables, for example, for ELISA, nucleic acid isolation, enzymatic reactions, and sample incubation.

Heat Sealers and foils

VTS (Variable Temperature Sealer) Microplate Heat Sealer offers flexibility and uncompromised sealing quality. VTS microplate heat sealer ensures reliable hermetic sealing of multi-well plates, preventing sample loss and cross contamination. MicroTS Manual Heat Sealer is a manual fixed temperature heat sealer with a small footprint and compact design, great for a benchtop. It is speedy and reliable to use for sealing small to medium quantities of plates.

Vitl also offers microplate sealing foils and PCR films for a variety of plate types, including PCR plates and microplates. Vitl seals provide optimum protection against sample loss through evaporation. The seals have a ‘this way up’ marking to help users to identify the correct orientation of the seal.

Temperature Control and Mixing

Vitl Life Science Solutions has several instruments for temperature control and mixing, with switchable modules for various tube formats. For example, the Co-mix Laboratory Vortex Mixer and Shaker provides simultaneous, independently controlled microplate mixing and tube vortexing in one instrument. The Ther-mix Heated Laboratory Thermal Mixer is a programmable instrument that can run user defined programs with multiple mixing and heating steps. The Flexi-therm Dry Block Heater is a programmable dry block heater. 


Tube Luminometers

The Lu-mini luminometer is a versatile and robust single tube luminometer. It is compatible with a variety of different tube sizes, vials, and cuvettes without the need for adaptors. It can be used out in field or in the lab. A great combination with MycoAlert Mycoplasma testing kits!

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Product Manager