Technical Maintenance and Repair

As we are a supplier of laboratory instruments and other equipment, we know and understand the importance of them working properly. Regular maintenance keeps  instruments in optimal condition to be functioning accurately and giving reliable results. The maintenance we perform is always carried out according to the manufacturer´s instructions and guidelines.

Service agreements

We usually set up a periodic inspection agreement with a customer. These agreements are set up to meet the customer´s needs and how frequently their instruments are used. After maintenance has been completed, we will supply you with a comprehensive service report, which indicates the type of maintenance performed and any spare parts that may have been changed.

We also offer our customers instrument installations, repair, calibration and technical support with any questions regarding their instruments.

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Product Manager

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The NanoDrop™ Spectrophotometer

The NanoDrop™ Spectrophotometer is an optical measuring device and, in accordance with good laboratory practise, needs to be calibrated regularly.  You can calibrate the instrument yourself with a calibration kit, but if your NanoDrop needs to be recalibrated, this should be done by a trained technician. The technician will be able to also open the instrument to clean the parts inside.

The periodic maintenance of the NanoDrop™ instruments is carried out by Intermed Oy. The maintenance package is 720 € (price 2023) and includes calibration and other kits, as well as parts and labor. Additional expenses include travel or shipping charges.

Please note that the NanoDrop™ 1000 device has been discontinued and spare parts are no longer available. We will be happy to equip you with a newer NanoDrop model.


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