Laboratory Services

With our partner, BioXpedia, BioNordika offers a complete range of laboratory services specifically designed to support DNA, RNA, and protein research. Our customers include universities as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies. The service offering includes, for example, DNA, cfDNA, RNA, miRNA and protein extraction, gene expression profiling and protein biomarker analyses. We provide a wide range of custom services tailored to meet the needs of each project. The team of experienced scientists and technicians provides the highest quality results within agreed schedule. They utilize state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure accuracy and precision in our results.


By applying the latest technologies and a professional team, we guarantee data that is both cost-effective and best quality. We provide high-throughput multi-omic screening and analyses using the following technologies:

  • Olink Proteomics – Explore from 92 to 3072 proteins
  • Fluidigim Biomark HD & Juno – qPCR, Genotyping & mRNA Library Prep
  • NanoString Technologies – Gene Expression
  • LC-MS/MS – Small Molecule & Peptide Quantification
  • Meso Scale Discovery – Multiplex ELISA & Immunoassays
  • Sample preparation – Extraction of DNA, RNA & Protein
  • QIAcuity dPCR – Quantification of Target Molecules (DNA, RNA and oligos)

Service Opportunities

  • Gene Expression Profiling
  • Library Prep & RNA Sequencing
  • Exosomics
  • Biomarker Analysis (inflammation, oncology, cardiology and neurology) 
  • microRNA Expression Profiling
  • RNA, DNA & Protein Extraction
  • Biostatistics
  • Cell Culture Services
  • LS-MS/MS Analysis
  • SNP Genotyping

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Katja-Riikka Louhi