Introducing SignalStar™ Multiplex IHC - Amplify Up to 8 Targets in Just 2 Days

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Flexible Panel Design

One of the hurdles in spatial biology workflows is the long time needed for optimization and validation of multiplex panels. This can typically take weeks to months. Cell Signaling Technologies SignalStar™ Multiplex IHC kits streamline this process by offering pre-optimized, ready-to-go panels that can be used to amplify up to eight targets in FFPE tissue samples within two days. Moreover, SignalStar™ Multiplex IHC kits allow you to easily change targets and redesign panels as your research needs change. In addition, SignalStar™ protocols are pre-validated and optimized for immediate use.

Results by Up to 70% Faster

SignalStar™ technology is up to 70% faster from sample preparation to image analysis than other mIHC workflows. You can conveniently design your experiments online using the SignalStar™ Multiplex IHC Panel Builder. In the panel builder you can choose from a selection of IHC-validated antibodies that work right out of the box in FFPE tissues, requiring no further optimization.

Customize Your Multiplex

You have the freedom to define your desired multiplex panel and run a manual or BOND RX protocol, and subsequently conduct imaging and analysis using your existing equipment and software. SignalStar™ antibodies and fluorophores are interchangeable across panels giving you the flexibility to change targets within panels as needed.

Flexible, Ready-to-use Panels

SignalStar™ technology ensures consistent staining quality, regardless of the panel design generated in the panel builder. Panels arrive pre-optimized with protocols that demonstrate reproducibility across various antibody combinations, experiments, and imaging instruments.

Create Your Panel Today

Use the online SignalStar™ Multiplex IHC Panel Builder to select targets and construct panels according to your research needs. The customized kit will be verified and dispatched within two business days, enabling you to initiate your research promptly.



How SignalStar Multiplex IHC Works

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