Eppendorf is the leading manufacturer of liquid handling products, consumables, and instruments for laboratories worldwide. Their wide product portfolio includes high-quality pipettes, pipette tips, centrifuges, mixers, tubes, plates, and many more.


Eppendorf was the first company that launched a micropipette, and they have 60 years of experience in precise pipetting and dispensing. There is a large number of different options in sizes and channels.



Eppendorf has a comprehensive line of centrifuges that fulfill the demands of a wide range of applications in laboratories. All centrifuges can be used with different rotors to ensure flexibility for applications. You can choose from a compact, portable mini centrifuge or a large, high-capacity refrigerated centrifuge, or anything in between.

Temperature Controls and Mixers

The Eppendorf ThermoMixer family combines temperature control and mixing. You can select an instrument that can heat, cool and mix samples (ThermoMixer) or if you don’t need both mixing and temperature control, you can choose ThermoStat for heating and cooling, ThermoMixer F for heating and mixing, or MixMate just for mixing and vortexing. The right block can be found for all tube sizes.


Eppendorf tube selection is wide, from 0,2 ml PCR tubes up to 50 ml centrifuge tubes with different cap options and purity grades. Now you can get even 50 ml tubes with SnapTec® cap. The DNA LoBind® tubes have maximum DNA recovery and maximum protein recovery is possible with the Protein LoBind® tubes. Newest members of the tube family are BioBased tubes that are made from 90 % renewable reused raw materials.



Product Manager

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Product Manager